Saturday, May 29, 2010

LIghtweight PJS

Since I started stitchin' I have made two pairs of thick PJs for James. See here and here. He used to have some lightweight pajamas to wear in the brief moments between winter and summer, but these were finally disposed of about a year ago. As they are not worn for much of the year, making a new pair has taken be a while to get round to. I bought the cotton fabric in Yuzawaya (in Kamata) at the end of last year. Hence, the slightly Christmassy snow flakes on the fabric.

I used the same pattern as for the thick PJs and did not change the pattern or construction at all. So these were an easy way to re-start stitching after taking almost a month off my favourite hobby while James' family were visiting us.

As it happens early summer has been a bit cool here, so these PJs have, this year, been worn more than expected.

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