Sunday, September 03, 2017


I spotted this fabric on a Friday night, in a shop window in Monmouth (we were there to eat a large dinner the night before the start of the national mountainbike orienteering championships in the Forest of Dean). The website of the shop was written on its door, but didn't resolve to anything useful on the actual internet. However, after a bit of internet searching, I found the fabric manufacturer and code for the fabric, and was then able to buy it from eBay or amazon or somewhere. Still quite expensive, as it is a USA manufacturer, but it is also quite nice not-too-thin cotton and very bright. Anyways, these are just a simple pair of trews made from the usual pattern, one of the three things I stitched before our trip to Hamburg this month. Hopefully the other things will also make an appearance on this blog, once they have been photographed.