Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Pet!

At first we thought it could be fun to get an iPad. Then James discovered that the data plan for the iPad was very cheap compared to an iPhone. From there it was just a short step to wonder if a standalone dataplan could be the best of all. No need to buy an iPad, I can end my iPhone contract but still have mobile internet access through the iPhone wifi (I don't use the phone anyway), James can access the web from his iPod, and we can both connect to the internet from our laptops while away at meetings (public wifi is not that common here).

Enter, "Widget", our new EMobile wireless 3G device. We decided not to pay the pittance each month that partially insures the device, so given it's smooth shape and the requirement to handle it on the move, a case was required. Thanks to the fur class I took a little while ago, he's furry, with a tail - and a personality! He is all hand-stitched, and I also had a really fun afternoon creating him.