Sunday, November 12, 2006

FuXXy Legs

Yesterday I finished the James version of the fuzzy legs. The legs seams are looooong. This time I had an idea what I was doing so it was a bit easier. Once again I took apart one side of the oldest pair of these. Making the pattern did seem a bit easier. I think this was because the pieces were a bit bigger and so kept their shape better. I used the same construction techniques as for the previous pair. I did not stretch the elastic so much when measuring it to avoid artificiaaly shortening the leggings (he tried them on after sewing the seams).

Used hot pink thread (by request) so as to make it easy to distinguish between my pair and James' in the closet.

No pics yet - the weather has been very kind and remained quite warm until the fuzzy legs are finished! Although fit is good, both pairs seem tighter than expected. We think this might be because the new fabric has good stretch recovery and is thicker. The old pairs were transparent in parts.