Sunday, October 27, 2019

Cat magnet paws trews

 Bought this fleece at the Harrogate stitching show in 2018. James' pair easy enough - just his baggies pattern with a bit less ease in the front and back (so there is not too much super thick fabric all bunched up). But I was guessing for mine. Some problems with the back crotch. It fits well when just standing, but pulls down as soon as I step up a step (as I had to for this pic). The sticky nature of the fleece makes it worse I think. I hollowed out the seam, which helped, and then added pockets when helped some more but there is still not really enough fabric in the back to permit bending over, unless I pull the fabric up my thighs when I sit down. I guess the side seams should be looser.

Anyway, these trews are also cat magnets which makes them even warmer!

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

BREXIT the unicorn

I inherited my sister in law's crochet sticks and some yarn. I bought the Kindle version of Edward's Menagerie. First there was a little rabbit, and then a rather cute zebra (which went to MIL for Christmas). Then I discovered a kind of magic - if the yarn is thicker the creature becomes MUCH bigger even though the number of stitches is the same. This resulted in Albert the slightly sad Orangutan.

Then a commission! BREXIT the unicorn! Used the zebra pattern, the thick rainbow wool, and added a bespoke horn. I had to have 2 goes at the horn as I was making it up as I went along. Also made the ears a little narrower than the zebra pattern dictated. 

In between and somewhat desperately, as I had no other idea of what to get him for Christmas, I also made a chess set for Uncle John in Law using this pattern (although I added a row to the King and Queen as they were otherwise a bit short).

So I thought that was probably double-knotting all done (well, the chess set did have a bit more variety) and I could move on to some other stitch, or design. I even bought some patterns. Imagine therefore how gutted I feel to this morning discover that all this time I have neglected to make the elephant in the room!