Monday, December 26, 2005


jules' second stitching project completed today. A pair of jimjams for tall person. Simplicity 7045. Made Large size (should have made Medium but pattern is L-XL), taking an inch out of each shoulder. Added 3 inches to arms (required) and 3 inches to legs (1 would have been enough). Also took 2 inches off circumference of legs (still too wide - take an inch out of each "side seam" next time.). Jacket is OK fit (seems to be long but that is with nothing added to the pattern, so must be the intended "style"), trousers are a bit baggy!

Took the side-seams out, because pajamas don't have side seams, making only two pieces for the trousers.



James Annan said...

Lovely PJs!

jules said...

aww.. thanks!