Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Pertex Cycling Jacket ... not yet!

The idea is to make a Pertex cycling top for James. His present Buffalo top is ripped from multiple crashes on the tandem. It also doesn't fit properly. Short in the body and arms and too fat round the chest. The collar is also rather useless. The Buffalo top has velcro straps at cuffs and hips(ish) and also side zips.

I think raglan sleeves are the way to go, so I am going to use the Kwik Sew hooded sweatshirt pattern for that. But also I need a half-zipped front plus collar rather than a hood. So I intend to combine in Kwik Sew 2439. I intend to put in pit zips rather than zips down the whole side. Not yet sure what to do about the cuffs.

15th Feb 2006.
Fleece version of KS2439, or jules' first zipper.

Fabric is polartec 200? "cobble cloth" from Malden Mills.

Problems with this top - KS's 1/4" seam allowances don't work with thick fleece because the presser foot pushes the fabric out sideways, leading to uneven seams. Make 5/8" next time.

Sizing is rubbish, but OK for James since he is a giant. This is a loose fitting top, but noone sane wears things that loose. In order to get a good fit cut M shoulders, S+1inch chest, S arms (plus 3" - although +2" would have been better). S width at the bottom edge. Body length M with no extra added. Using standard sizing guidelines this top will drown anyone under 6', and the S size is certainly not small enough for anyone slighter than average build!

The zipper fit style appears to be a perfect replica for the Pertex top so I am happy to have this to practice on. The collar also appears to be just right, but not sure how it will behave in stretch-less Pertex.


Next I have to work out how much (if any) extra ease and length to add to my basic starting patterns to allow for no stretch in the Pertex and the stretched out cycling position.


James Annan said...

Oooh what a lovely blue fleece!

James Annan said...

Oooh what a lovely blue fleece!