Monday, December 19, 2005

Project #1 - Frog trews

Bought these as a kit from Haan Crafts. Added 1.5 inches to the crotch length and 2.5 inches to the legs, and chose the medium size which was closest to James fave pair of lightweight summer trews that ripped this summer. Next time add an inch or so to the rear crotch length and use more sturdy elastic. Also the back pocket needs to be taller. Of course zipped pockets would also be nice but I don't know how to make them!

January 2006 - made these trousers again, using the same sizing as I worked out before. Did not add an inch to the rear crotch, since we decided that the real problem with the frog pair was that the elastic round the waist needed to be firmer.
Photo to follow - trews currently being worn every day at work!
Cotton print from Okadaya in Shnjuku.

For the pockets:
Copied James' favourite pair of cotton trews to make side pockets and a back pocket. But he says the pockets at the side are not deep enough, or maybe they should have the hole higher up? - this even though they are exactly the same as his previously named "perfect fit" trews! Fussy or what? Instead of a zip pocket (which I still don't know how to do!) on the back I made two little welts, like I noticed on someone else's jacket pocket. I guessed how to do it, and it seems to be functional but is not perfect since the welts overlap a bit.

1st October 2006:
Third pair of these trews. Rear welt pocket stitched more properly into waistband, and interfaced, following zipzops instructions. Welts still a bit big perhaps. Was going to make a zip pocket but couldn't be bovvered to go and buy a zipper. Apparently the rear pocket needs to be deeper. Wallet doesn't fit in properly.

Front pockets taken from Vogue shorts - better shape than before. James says these are now fine!

Topstitched side seams, stitching down seam allowance. I suppose all the practice on the ultrasuede made it seem like the thing to do. After doing it I noticed that some of my own baggy trews are topstitched in a similar way. Ought to have topstitched front of pocket too, but was too late to go back and do that easily by the time I thought of it.

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