Sunday, February 20, 2011

World's best Mini MacbookAir case

World's best because it seems to be the world's only. Can't find any cases designed to fit the thinking woman's iPad, and so now have to face the fact that the only things in the MacStore that we haven't bought yet are the things that haven't been invented. Not that the thinking woman's iPad necessarily requires a case, but it would be a shame to pull it out of my rucksack and find it had a big scratch across the top.

This case is made from leftover denim lined with leftover wool, fastened  with two little magnetic fasteners. Total cost: 200¥ (1.66 UKP) plus a few hours hard labour. It being denim, I had to include a patch pocket, so I made it to fit an ipod, as I often carry both items around together at work.  


Rose said...

It's a lovely case, but I have read that magnets and computers don't mix. should you worry?

jules said...

I think it should be OK - rather small magnets. The "magsafe" power attachmen to the laptop is a stronger magnet I think.I looked on the web and see that some people have problems with magnetic closures on ipod cases. but this one should also be OK as the magnets are an inch or two away from the ipod.