Saturday, July 17, 2010


This is Marfy 2217 (size 42). Ridiculous trousers like these seem to be fashionable. The odd thing about fashion is that things that look ridiculous when they come out seem normal after a while. So I wondered if my judgment was too harsh and since the model in the drawing doesn't look ridiculous, I thought perhaps these might be a more wearable version of the trend.

They were very fun to make. Look at this marvelous pattern piece! The grain lies along the lines of the floor boards. With just the usual minimalist Italian-English phrases jotted here and there on the pattern, it was very interesting working out how they went together. In the end the sewing itself was not hard in that once the geometry was worked out there were no real technical challenges. There are only 3 pattern pieces, legs, waist band and cuffs at the bottom of the legs.

I chose the
lightest weight cotton I could find, since I thought that stiffness and bulk were definitely to be avoided. Here are the amazing results. Marfy should be sued under the trade descriptions act! :-) Whereas the pantaloons make their fictional model looks tall and elegant, I am made dumpy. One might wonder if a heavier drapey fabric, perhaps a knit, or even having a smaller arse would work better. I think not. A few days before I completed the pantaloons, I had the pleasure of walking behind a pin-stick thin woman in the very fashionable Motomachi area of Yokohama. Her pantaloons were heavy and drapey and swung around back and forth as she walked in the most unflattering way. And yes, her bum looked enormous. If the tiny pert Japanese bum is made to look fat by this trend, there is no hope for the rest of the world.

Nevertheless I have been wearing these almost every day - as indoor only lounge wear! Although I'd prefer they had a higher crotch so that movement was not restricted, the super lightweight cotton is excellent cover for these super hot and sticky days of Japanese summer, and the baggy design allows for good airflow.

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