Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Some mid-weight dragon-baggies for James. These are a repeat of the old pattern used right at the start of this blog, although now I have done more stitching I realise that really the pattern could do with a bit of improvement to make the seam-lines match better! The fabric is a mid-weight slightly textured cotton in a Japanesie dragon print bought from "Tomato" in Nippori, Tokyo . Good for Kamakura as it is a town full of dragons, and not just ones like me, but real ones too! I added a rear zip-pocket to these, which is preferred over a non-zipped one, but apparently I made it a bit too small. My excuse is that James has unimaginably wide steak-like hands, and I was using up an old zipper from an ex-garment...

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