Saturday, December 01, 2007

V-neck for Pa

I made another V-neck jumper like this. The fabric is almost identical, a wool/angora mix, but much cheaper; it was bought from the closing down sale of the second Keitoya store in Kamakura in May of this year. This one is for my Pa who I measured while we were on holiday together last month.
I made medium size, but cut it a bit shorter - along the S-line at the front. I added an inch at the chest and took 2 inches off the hips. I shortened the arms by half and inch, with the intention of making them 2 inches shorter than James'. After tacking on the cuffs and trying the jumper on James, I was dismayed to realise the arms were not really short on him so I took off more while making it by sewing the cuff on with a 1.5cm SA.

The jumper is Pa's Christmas present. Shockingly it seems to fit. The pictures are rather dark. I suppose that's just because there aren't so many photons in the UK.

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