Friday, December 23, 2011

nobby nobheads

For some reason hats keep getting lost, so a couple of months ago I whipped up a couple more. Basically the construction was the same as last time, but the materials were a little different. The bands are made with powerstretch. Since powerstretch is...stretchy...I made use of this facet, and made the bands a bit shorter, and so the hats grip the heads gently. The aim of James' hat was warmth so the top is made of sturdy non-stretch windbloc hard face, with shearling inner. I already have a nice warm hat given to me by my sister in law so I made a lighter weight hat for cycling and running, and the top is just a single layer of powerstretch. It has taken a while to take the photos as it has only recently become cold enough for James to start wearing his hat. I have been wearing mine regularly for a couple of months, but don't know how long I will be able to not loose such a black hat. 

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