Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wind and thunder

The third part of the James' trews trilogy. These ones are made in Fujin and Raijin fabric, purchased at a large fabric store in Kyoto called Nomura Tailor. Fujin and Raijin are Shinto gods of wind and thunder, and, strangely, opposite Nomura Tailor which is located in one of the main shopping streets in Kyoto, there is a building which has huge images of these two gods on it. The pair also adorn a huge wall at our workplace, where we study climate change.

It rained continuously while I was making these trousers, which, unfortunately for the rest of Japan, was during the Golden Week national holiday. The fabric is reasonably thick so quite good for rainy season which is a slightly cooler period during the Japanese summer, typically lasting most fo June. These trews sport another zipped back pocket, using up an old zipper taken of some disposed of garment. This time (and last time) the pocket is slightly larger than for the dragon trews, for those oversized hands

In addition, Simon and his new friend Garfunkel are now equipped for summer, with cotton kimono in dramatic fabrics! Lining up all the seams so that the patterns match is quite wasteful of fabric, so I managed to cut up all the larger pieces leftover from making the trews. This is a good thing since I now feel I've done my bit and can in good conscience throw out the small scraps.

2 comments: said...

This is a great blog! Hardly anyone reads my blog either (and even fewer leave a comment).

I'm stunned that you are willing to make Marfy patterns without instructions, but find Jalie instructions to be too terse.

Have you tried your hand at BWOF? Not only are their instructions terse and sometimes poorly translated, there are almost no illustrations! I'm surprised that anything I've made of theirs turns out.

rocksea said...

It is always wonderful to see James posing with the dress stitched by you :)