Sunday, February 01, 2009

Dolly clothes

This is the easiest one to start with. I made a wee set of clothes for Simon: some black jeans, a striped t-shirt and a sweatshirt hoodie, all from spare fabric left over after making similar pieces for James. Here are the two of them working at their computers.

And here are some close-ups. They were based on commercial patterns (Simplicity), which I think are designed for 18" dolls. Simon is only 16" tall and quite a lot smaller all round, so the patterns had to be reduced in size quite a bit. The jeans were quite different from the pattern in the packet since I added real pockets including a coin pocket, silver top stitching and a velcro fly. They fasten with a press-stud. The fun part is how quick and easy it is to knock dolls clothes up - and it reduces the piles of <1mx<1m pieces of fabric.

I also have some tartan fabric, so cut off a bit to make a great kilt for Simon. I actually ironed and hand stitched in the pleats, which isn't the way a real great kilt is constructed - you are supposed to fold it into rough pleats each time you put it on. This isn't really finished. Needs a shirt to go underneath it. I also have since bought some shoes and boots for the dollies. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of James in his great kilt for comparison.


Teri said...

What a lot of fun you having! Is IS gratifying to create doll clothes too, isn't it??? Keep on enjoying your dolls.

Anonymous said...

I am usually a very silent browser - just enjoying what I see but rarely leaving a comment.

I couldn't walk on by without saying how absolutely beautiful these outfits are. Well done!

I too enjoy sewing for Gregor - maybe it is because I am the mother of five boys - but he is just SOOOO satisfying to dress.

Your little man is just gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

I love the 'like father, like son' photo! Brilliant work, congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Love your work. That picture of Dad and son is just too cute!!