Saturday, February 25, 2006

trews and tops for jules

This is Kwik Sew 3243 ( Misses Pants, Shorts & Top).
I made View B in the trews and then View A in the top. The trews were much more successful than the top, which is like a pillowcase with holes in unless you do some major alterations.

The trousers were a pleasent no-brainer to put together. I used some cotton print which is probably used for making quilts or something. Anyway the shop in Tokyo had about 50 different colours of this stuff so I chose two contrasting colours. I used the all in one stitch and finish stitch on my sewing machine which made for very quick work.

I cut XS, knowing that I was not after such a super-baggy fit as the pattern seemed to want. See review for the other details of the fit. In order to make these full length the need another
inch or so adding since at present they have no hem. I have not quite decided what I think of these trousers. It is still too cold to wear them outdoors here. I might try another pair in some of the silk.

update 26/-2/2006:
I did make them in silk! Added 2 inches to the length, made little side slits at the bottoms and a 1/4" hem.

Now for the top. It is pretty rubbish since it is a loose fitting rectangle made in a woven. What I learned from this little project is that this sort of thing would be better either with some sort of fastener that allows a more fitted style, or in a knit with some stretch. So this is why all my vest tops are knits...doh!

In order to make it wearable I added a humungous dart up the back and also small darts at the bust.

Well I guess it was fun playing with dupioni silk. The neckline was a bit tricky to keep it flat, but seemed to work OK with plenty of steaming!


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