Monday, January 09, 2006

jules' jumper

This is number 5.

Kwik Sew 3094 View B. I cut S shoulders, XS everywhere else, but took an inch off the hips and added an inch to the arm length. Decided these measurements based on measuring a jumper I already have rather than looking at the pattern which suggested I was at the top end of S (36" bust).

Messed up the collar by stitching it on with the seam on the outside :-o. Couldn't rip the seam through the weird bobbly fabric and mini stretch stitches so instead I sewed a jeans style double stitched seam. Looks OK since the bobbly fabric hides all mistakes. Otherwise it worked OK, apart from the sewing machine choking on the fabric. I was using a standard size 14 needle. The polyester size 60 thread wouldn't work but some other cheaper thread I have mostly worked, with the top tension increased to 7.

Fabric was black loosely knitted wool with bibbles and bobbles on the outside and only bibbles on the inside. It is nice and warm.


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